“Live to the point of tears.” – Albert Camus

You Don’t Have To Find Out You’re Dying, To Start Living.

“Live to the point of tears.” – Albert Camus


Zach Sobiech passed away one year ago on May 20th 2013. [Watch the original doc here] Since then, extraordinary things have happened, not only for Zach and his joyful music, but also for his wonderful family. While Zach’s passing was incredibly difficult for each of them, somehow the Sobiech’s have been able to find the joy, grace, and silver lining in it all. This inspiring documentary picks up one year after his passing, and follows his family, and friends as they adjust to life without their beloved Zach and each remember in their own way that, “you don’t have to find out you’re dying, to start living.”

Zach is a great example that we should all try and lead a life that is full of fun, full of adventure. ZIDI means “Go Beyond, Grow, Do More, Become Greater”. Zach Sobiech certainly led a ZIDILIFE, and he reminds us that we should all strive to do the same.