ZIDILIFE is a life action brand and social community with a purpose: we’re here to liberate our readers from the daily grind and to inspire them through cool stories and shared experiences.

ZIDILIFE was inspired by a life-changing trip that our founder, Christian, took to Africa. While there, he learned the Swahili word “ZIDI” meaning Go Beyond, Become Greater, Do More, Grow, Continue, Increase. After 12 years working for a fortune 100 technology company Christian decided to start anew and bring ZIDI to his life. He took action to go beyond the boundaries of what he thought was possible and hopefully inspired a few people along the way. Christian wanted to create a destination and authentic community that made peoples lives better — ZIDILIFE is a community that encourages people into taking action offline. We hope to improve the lives of others and those around them.

Our vision is to become a life action brand and community that inspires our readership every day. We’re here to inspire people to pursue and live more meaningful lives. Our promise is to deliver an evolving community rooted in inspiration.

ZIDILEADERS are positive spokespeople with unique expertise in a certain topic or field that aligns with the ZIDILIFE brand promise and vision. They have established credibility through their accomplishments and will help influence, inspire and engage our community. Our goal is to establish ZIDILEADERS across various categories. Eventually we will allow our community to connect with ZIDILEADERS directly.

We encourage you to contact us for partnership opportunities.

ZIDILIFE is not just another website, social community or mobile application to download. Our combination of ZIDILEADERS and community with a purpose allows for authentic interactions that are difficult to find elsewhere today. We are pioneers with a mission to create a more inspirational web.

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