Written by Greg Fielding

My name is David Rutherford. I have 42 years of getting hammered and motivating others under my belt. I created, own and run a motivational entertainment company called Froglogic Concepts, LLC. Our Mission at Team Froglogic is to provide as much tested and proven motivational content as possible in order to help individuals and teams discover their ability to succeed in every environment imaginable. The Froglogic philosophy evolved out of my 20 years of exploring the human condition trying to find what enables us to achieve victory against the Negative Insurgency of life. I combine these discoveries with 70 + years of UDT/ Navy SEAL operational, training and elite performance experience. Froglogic is a motivational way of thinking and acting that enables all human beings to keep the eternal fire in their gut burning bright. I took a giant leap of faith and created Froglogic after a very moving experience I had during my second trip to Afghanistan. I was working for Blackwater at the time on several contracts. Through one of the contracts, I was teaching and mentoring their national Anti-Drug unit. My epiphany took place after conducting a raid in the north. As my group was finishing the operation, my attention was drawn to a group of 30 or so kids huddled in a corner of the compound we were in. These were the most destitute, hopeless, children you’ve ever seen in your life. They had nothing. No shoes, ragged clothing, malnutrition, no education, no hope, nothing. It was in this moment of clarity that God called me into action. It was time to change missions in life and do something to help kids around the world. That’s when I began researching every possible organization that I might be able to help with my skill sets. This turned out to be a greater challenge than I thought. When I returned home after this deployment, my research turned toward children in America. At this point in 2006 I discovered advancing statistics about kids and various types of psychological and behavioral dysfunction. Dropouts were growing in middle school. Teenage girls’ suicide was on the rise again. And in very small academic circles the term Internet Withdrawal Syndrome began to show up. This Intel totally helped me gain mission focus and I decided to concentrate on American kids. It was then I sat down and wrote my first book, a kids’ book devoted to helping kids forge their self-confidence. And Froglogic was born. After eights years of putting my heart and soul into Froglogic, I have reached over 2 million people worldwide in my quest of reaching 10 million in 10 years. I am blessed everyday to work with an amazing team dedicated to the Froglogic mission and our followers. I have come through the gates of fire more times than most people could even imagine, and every time I grow and so does my belief in the human condition’s ability to persevere in the face of all adversity. This is why Froglogic works. I am honored to be a Zidilife Ambassador and to be affiliated with an organization that is so committed to projecting a positive approach towards living life to its fullest. My life as a Navy SEAL has taught me so much about what it takes to succeed. Perhaps the greatest lesson is that alone you will fail, but together we can never lose. HOOYAH!