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If you have a few minutes, I would like to share the story of how ZIDILIFE started and our vision.  We created ZIDILIFE to bring a positive, inspirational voice to today’s web.  Our purpose is to reach people who are looking for the motivation and inspiration to live each day to the fullest and make their lives better.

In a world with increasing negative news, we hope our mission will help liberate people from the daily grind and a place they can visit and return daily to be inspired to take positive action in their life.

“ZIDI” (Ze-De) Go Beyond, Become Greater, Grow, Do More, Increase, Surpass, Continue, Keep doing, Origin: Swahili

The idea for ZIDILIFE started back in 2010 when I took a month long trip to Africa.  This trip was inspired by my father who has been the primary influence in my life about the importance of experiencing adventure. I went to Africa to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, take a safari and dive with Great White sharks. My goal was to disconnect, get far away from technology and the daily rat race and perhaps find more purpose. Africa turned out to be all that and more… that trip affected my heart and changed my life forever.

When you travel by yourself and are away from modern day technology you are forced to know yourself better.  It can be scary, exciting or somewhere in between.  I had a deeper appreciation and a better understanding of who I am,  what I am capable of and a clearer perspective of what is truly important.

I have always believed the combination of adventure and pushing yourself out of comfort zones has profound life-changing effects. You closely examine yourself and learn what your fears are and how to overcome them.  I think most of us put these things off until tomorrow, before having kids, or waiting until they are gone or having earned enough money or the perfect job.  But life waits for no one, and the power of taking action now is staggering.  I learned how important it is to live for something bigger than yourself and try to do whatever you can to help others along the way.  I believe it is in these moments (embracing fear, taking action, helping others) when we find our purpose.

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My travel experience inspired me to want to do more and how to live the second half of my life.  I didn’t know how I was going to do that or where to start but it became a conviction and a goal that I began focusing on daily.  This is when I learned that when you surround yourself with optimism, inspiration, positive experiences and people everyday… it changes you.  It makes you want to become better and want to help inspire others.  I wanted to take this new experience, optimism and energy and do something meaningful with it.  Nobody us get through life on their own and the more we rely on each other, inspire and help each other the better life becomes.  However this doesn’t come easy.  It takes effort and hard work and most importantly the desire to find your passion and what it means to live a more meaningful life

Technology can be wonderful but it will never replace the power of real life experiences – the truest form of education. I hope that ZIDILIFE can help make lives better and spark the passion and motivation in peoples hearts and minds.

Thank you for visiting us.  We are excited for the journey ahead and promise to bring you powerful stories, content experts to help bring “ZIDI to your life and Go Beyond, Become Greater, Grow and Do More…

Christian Sommer